Tips for Keeping Your Parent Audience Curious

When I was in high school, the history curriculum required us to learn about Russia for a quarter. Our teacher, Mrs. Linda, who was born in Moscow decided she would force feed us everything there is to know about 18th century Russia within a 90 day period. Everything. Catherine the Great, the life of nobles, peasants and serfs, the Russian palace revolutions, Cossacks, Russian geography, and the list goes on ...

By the summer break, I could recite Russia's major cities, Tsars and most of her wars. But I had lost all interest in knowing anything more about Russian history and Russia herself...
I had accumulated a ton of facts but had failed to interweave them into a coherent story.

My best teachers weren't obsessed with feeding me facts. They excited my curiosity enough to make me interested in learning more myself.
I would then piece together the narrative step by step, always engaged, always hungry for more.

And so it goes for our school marketing framework.  

Your job isn’t to tell parents everything about your school all at once. Above all, you have to make them curious to learn more.

Parents want to connect the dots, and when they can’t, their curiosity is powerful and motivating.

The best marketers, like the best teachers, know how much info is enough and what to leave unsaid.