Walking Through the Parent Journey with Chantelle Zakariasen

Our guest today is Chantelle Zakariasen. She is a conversion copywriter who specializes in using quizzes to gather information from prospects.

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Our guest today is Chantelle Zakariasen. She is a conversion copywriter who specializes in using quizzes to gather information from prospects.

In this episode, Chanti walks us through the buyer’s journey and explains how a school can go deeper than just telling prospecting families about the advantageous features of the school. She explains that people are overwhelmed with the “noise” of information they get in a day. Effective school marketing must find a way to identify and target the emotional needs of parents that would be a good fit for their product. Chanti fully reveals the process that a parent might go through - going from “unaware” through the steps that eventually lead to action.

Listen and take note of how to create a cohesive message for your school by using descriptive language.

In our discussion, we cover:  

2:45 Chanti explains what a conversion copywriter does.

8:30 She shares that the first step in quiz-based marketing is to interview the types of people you would like to attract so that you can take careful note of their emotional needs and the language they use to describe their needs.

9:47 Chanti talks about how to use a cohesive message and descriptive language.

16:43 Andrew asks how quizzes fit into the buyer’s journey and why a school might want to use them.

19:45 Chanti tells that the second reason to use a quiz in marketing is that people perceive a quiz as fun, and it allows you to ask questions that might otherwise be hard to ask.

24:36 Andrew asks - what would be the next step after obtaining information about prospects from a quiz.

26:46 Andrew talks about customizing communication with targeted messages that continue to build relationships with prospects.

28:19 Chanti shares the third reason she likes to use quizzes: a quiz makes market segmentation easy.

30:53 Andrew asks where a school should place the quiz for maximum results.

39:01 Chanti shares parting thoughts about standing firm in values and not being afraid to be different.


7:53 “A client must typically have 7 contacts with your brand before they take action.”

13:01 “The more specific - the more visceral you can get - the more likely you are to hook someone’s attention.”

29:00 “The reason ‘segmentation’ is so powerful is that it allows you to get specific with your message and to sell to specific people.”

39:01 “The more niche, the better. Don’t be afraid to be different.”

Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:

Email and marketing automation - Active Campaign https://www.activecampaign.com/
ConvertKit - https://convertkit.com
Constant Contact - https://www.constantcontact.com
Design and market custom merchandise
Makeship - https://makeship.com/

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Web Site - chantizak.com

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