What Are 'Swim Lane' Enrollment Funnels?

This fall will be tough for all schools, colleges, and universities.
Forecasts include campus closures, recruiting challenges, and plunging enrollment.

To keep recruiting students you'll need an edge to attract, inspire, and nurture them towards enrolling.

Imagine an Olympic-size swimming pool with ropes dividing up the lanes for the swimmers.
These lanes provide each swimmer a clear path from point A to point B.
Your new marketing strategy works based on this same concept.
There are unique paths or “lanes” to guide your prospects and shield them from distraction.

You want to keep your prospects focused on moving to the next step of the inquiry process.
Our 'swim-lane' funnel blueprint includes:

- Monthly Thematic Campaigns, Lead Magnets & Landing Pages
- Automated Pre-recorded Webinars
- Retargeting Ads
- Email Sequences
- Personalized Outreach & Tour Scheduling

Once everything is set up and running autopilot you'll scale your leads without having to micromanage your campaigns every day.
You'll shift your focus to testing your pitch and perfecting your value proposition on your incoming leads.