First, answer this: what makes for a good story of your school?

The currency is the same as it ever was: memorability.
To create memories, we need to take parent audiences to places they haven’t been before.

So, is there any story more memorable than how your school is adjusting to lockdown?

School leaders handling dozens of zigzags...
Virtual Classrooms...
Staff meetings through zoom...
Food curbside pickups...
Strong emotions...
Tension and resourcefulness...

Tons of memorable imagery of your team 'meeting the moment'.

You should be putting out content on a very regular basis, 5-10 posts a day minimum.
This is the content of a lifetime.

How can you manage all this?

Here comes an absolute monster of a concept...
A big mindset shift ...

(courtesy of GaryVee)

Creating a piece of content from scratch is hard, and a good reason why most school marketers never get started with a blog or stick with it.
But you don't need those pixel-perfect videos... usually, they're too sterile anyway.

Stop strategizing, stop pondering, and start documenting.

  • Have your staff snap selfies in their home and post them.
  • Have them take 30-second videos of their new routine and post them.
  • Have them record 3-minute phone calls with parents and post them.

Your hunger to make the perfect piece of content is what’s crippling you.

Stop strategizing, stop pondering, and start documenting.

Bring parents along with you in these difficult times and stop sweating the small stuff. They are going to appreciate and remember you for it...

Do you have a virtual tour up and running yet? 👩‍💻


We dabbled with a number of formats.

The best approach we came up with, balancing affordability, engagement and ease of implementation:

  • 10-15 slides with engaging facts and photos of life at school
  • 3-4 relevant, compelling questions parents are asking about right now
  • Interview format: have someone interview you
  • Record on Zoom, there you go!