Wondering if it is Worth Investing In Enrollment Marketing? Here are 5 Questions to Help You Decide.

1. In two years' time, it is more likely that my school's enrollment will be
a. lower than today
b. relatively flat
c. higher than today

If you answered either A or B proceed to the next question.


2. I believe school marketing,
a. can help increase our enrollment by at least 10% within a given year
b. cannot impact enrollment growth

If you answered A proceed to the next question.


3. The last time I tried a new enrollment tactic or strategy was
a. more than two months ago (don't have the time)
b. less than two months ago (I am constantly trying new stuff)

If you answered A proceed to the next question.


4. I believe competition among schools in my community will
a. increase over the next 2 years
b. decrease over the next 2 years (I'll wait it out, the storm will pass)

If you answered A proceed to the next question.


5. Can you postpone investing in marketing for the next 2 years?
a. No, I will be worse off in 2 years, there will be more competition and we'll have less cash on hand than today.
b. Yes I can postpone the investment, our donors will support us, we'll cut costs and we'll have higher cash reserves.

If you got to question number five and answered A you might consider reaching out to us!

We'll have a short chat over the phone and prepare a FREE proposal for your board and/or other stakeholders.

Your Proposal will include:
✔︎ Which advertising channels are growing the most and why you should care.
✔︎ The 3 stages that every parent needs to go through for choosing a school. This is why your ads aren’t working.
✔︎ How to understand parents’ fears and concerns and what to do about them.
✔︎ How working with school marketing experts actually pays off.