Your competition is talking about you…

Your competitors are talking about you…
They have a lot to say - whether you are listening or not.
It’s a bit of a pinch to find out why someone chose a school over yours.
Imagine a parent calling your competitor and asking them what's the core difference between you?
Would you want to know which weaknesses they present for your school?
Or the strengths they call their own?
Nobody really wants to spend time looking at competitors’ ads, their websites, their sponsored events…

But knowing what they tell prospective parents about you is essential to making your school stand out.

If you don’t control the narrative, someone else will.
What if you had a personalized game plan and campaign strategy creatively executed into engaging ads with targeted follow-up and a feedback loop?
What if you could promote your school’s value proposition by directing your marketing initiatives with a laser-sharp focus?

Having that information puts your whole team on board with a unified message about what it is that makes your school shine.
It gets your story straight.
And makes it stick.Your enrollment plan could shift in unexpected ways just by availing yourself of the talk on the street.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” said philosopher Sun Zhu.
He was onto something.