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The 3 Elements of Winning School Websites
Growing Enrollment
Having worked with 1,700+ schools in our lifetime, we know a thing or two about school websites. We've studied thousands of school ads, websites, and landing pages.We've also worked with all types of websites, including Finalsite, Edlio, OneCampus, and plain-old WordPress...
Your competition is talking about you…
Engaging Your Community
Your competitors are talking about you… They have a lot to say - whether you are listening or not. It’s a bit of a pinch to find out why someone chose a
From Transferring Knowledge to Transforming Students, with Andrew Barry, Founder of Curious Lion
In this episode, we learn how everyone can design online learning experiences to repeatably effect transformations in their students' lives. Then we try to sketch out a future of what happens when more and more teachers can generate these transformations, what a world that will be!
420 Learning Guides Coach Learners Towards Mastery, with Kelly Smith, CEO at Prenda
Engaging Your Community
Our guest today is Kelly Smith. He is the founder and CEO of Prenda schools, a network of microschools that is spreading like wildfire across state lines, bringing project-based learning and mastery-based education to a neighborhood near you.
Practical Tips: The Perfect School Tour Framework
Engaging Your Community
Getting parents in the (virtual) door is only half the battle. Families visiting your school is literally where the rubber meets the road. To maximize those efforts and make your school tour shine, follow these simple tips.
7 Ways to Make Your Next Follow-Up Your Best Follow-Up
The World of Education
Following up on prospective parents can feel painful. Making several calls, writing, and sending emails is not an easy task. So now, maybe you reached out a couple of times, and then you wait for a response. You've done your job. You've reached out. And then when you don't hear back, you give up...
The Blue Ocean Education Marketing Channel
Engaging Your Community
The problem was the students in California are fed up with all the messages that are coming to them left and right from different companies, educational institutions, and other organizations vying for their attention.
6 Steps in Planning the Perfect Virtual School Event
Engaging Your Community
Most educators still think marketing is just another word for sales. In fact, marketing has evolved into the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust. In today's world of advertising overload,
Why You Should Flaunt Your School's Imperfections
Engaging Your Community
There’s really only one thing school marketing is about… Building trust with prospective parents.   Why? Really stop and think about what we ask parents to do: Every time a parent drops their
Your School's Message: Candy or Wine?
Branding Strategies
Most school heads I talk to are frustrated about one thing. They're doing amazing things at their school day-in and day-out, but few parents notice. "If only we could show parents what we
How To Get Parents To Engage With Your School
Engaging Your Community
More and more, schools are focusing less on getting their mission across. Does this statement surprise you? Millennial parents are somewhat different than previous generations when it comes to big decisions. They want
Are You In Love With Your Student Families?
"They wanted my job, and it would be easy enough to discredit me." That's the first thing that Mathias told me. The school had been through three years of declining enrollment. The diocese
Making an effective School Website: Lessons Learned from a successful Catholic School
Branding Strategies
Why is having a site significant? Your audience is spending more and more of their time online. Even if schools typically meet parents offline, all kinds of businesses have started to measure success
We analyzed what successful school principals do.
Branding Strategies
They all share five entrepreneurial characteristics. As a principal, do you think of yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you think of the school you lead as a type of business - with stakeholders,
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