Five reasons pre-recorded asynchronous lessons are your best option

We're hearing most of our clients opting for pre-recorded asynchronous teaching.

Live video lessons may seem the obvious solution, but it turns out, pre-recorded videos are better for the following reasons:

1. Active learning is much better than passive
Teaching via a video link supports a more didactic approach.
Having students watch pre-recorded lessons and sign up in smaller groups of 5 to discuss and ask questions is much more interactive.

2. Behavior management
It is challenging to manage a class of 20-plus students when they are all live on video but not together in the same room.

3. Affordability for parents
A family with three kids would need to invest in 3 laptops/phones to make sure their kids can attend class simultaneously.
Asynchronous, pre-recorded sessions allow students to sequence their study on one laptop/phone.

4. Quality of delivery
Teachers have the time and ability to prepare, record, and re-record their lessons.
This improves the quality of the lesson, as well as your teachers' ability to convey their messages.

5. Boosting your school's preparedness and resilience
The video content you build will stay with you forever to:

  • Support any students needing extra attention; (s)he'll have a ton of content to get started with.
  • Build an online library of content to be ready for similar threats in the future.
  • Unlock the possibility of blended or online learning for your enrolled students.
  • Improve your school's enrollment reach and flexibility; you'll be enabling students beyond a 15-mile radius to enroll, thereby tapping into a much larger pool of prospects.

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