Striking the Right Tone in Your Outreach

A lot of school leaders are nervous and anxious about reaching out to families and parent prospects right now.

I get emails, daily, asking me,

"Will I upset prospects if I send them an email right now?"
"Should I call my prospects right now?"
"Should I follow up right now, or will annoy and anger parents?"

I get that you're nervous about this.
It's a crazy world out there and families are going through hardship.
Parents are nervous and afraid.

So obviously we have to be sensitive and empathetic.
What we cannot afford to do is dig a hole in the ground and remove our school from the economic lifeline of our community.

If we truly believe we are offering value, it is our duty to reach out to prospects and continue to communicate, continue to invest in the relationship.

We have a responsibility towards our community, our prospects, towards ourselves and our family, and we have a responsibility towards our school.

We are the revenue generation engine in our school.
The salaries of all teachers and staff depend on our success and the difficult work that we do.

Never has our work been more difficult than right now.
At the same time, never has our work been more crucial than right now.

We have to go out there and continue to promote our school with empathy, continue to communicate about our school with friendly strength.

As educators, we know how to strike the right tone; but we need to keep communicating every single day.

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