The Enrollhand Copywriting Rubric

1 POINT - Storytelling using a fictionalized scenario in order to SHOW the parent rather than TELL her about the school

1 POINT - Write specifically about how the parent will benefit by enrolling their child in our client's school (rather than simply describing their curriculum).

1 POINT - Build trust by embedding a Heightened Emotional Sweep primarily via a visual cue. This will help us relate to our schools on an emotional rather than a transactional level.

1 POINT - Copy follows the Rule of ONE (talking to One Reader, about One Big Idea, with One Promise or Offer) - at least 80% of language is addressing the parent directly… (cheatsheet - a lot of use of the word "you")

1 POINT - Clear and helpful info about the school. The brief answers the "so what" test and the copy is crisp, clear without any areas of confusion.

Our copywriters get a BONUS POINT if they start their paragraph with a strong visual first line (even better if it is a metaphor), i.e.:

✔︎ “My son was shocked when the Spanish teacher didn’t instruct him in English.”
✔︎ “For kids, play is like love, sunshine, and broccoli all juiced together.”
✔︎ “The whole school came together for my daughter’s community service project.”

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