What's Your School's "Product"?
Growing Enrollment
Ten years from now, even the best school marketing won't work for you. A state-of-the art enrollment funnel usually bring in prospective families on autopilot today. Not in ten years.
Steer Your School Into The Grant-Making Wind
It happens more often lately. You get a knot in your stomach. Surprises at work. This time, it’s when you open your browser to unexpected news: the neighboring school district got awarded a six-figure grant from an out-of-state private foundation.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Funding Charter Schools, with Terry Ryan
Terry Ryan knows education from every angle. He is the CEO of BLUUM - a non-profit organization working to develop leaders and support innovative schools in Idaho.
Three Tips to Dress Your School in Classic Elegance
Branding Strategies
I was on a call with a school board yesterday when a parent shouted out, "you're telling us all this stuff about nurturing leads, and enrollment funnels... Facts speak for themselves".The reality
Should you hire a school marketing agency?
Ask Enrollhand
There are only three reasons to hire external support for your school's growth: You are facing flat or declining enrollment. If your school's growth is stalling an agency can bring you a few
Catching the Wave of Education’s Future, with Catherine Fraise
Catherine Fraise is passionate about creating educational spaces and environments within which children can innovatively realize their potential.

The Great School Marketing Debate: Rational Versus Emotional
Branding Strategies
Imagine one day you arrive at your school at 8 am as parents and buses are dropping off your students. You walk into your office to a ringing phone. You pick up, and
Teacher Campaign Template #28
Social Media Marketing
Can you remember a teacher who took something hard and made it easier?   The teacher who hadn’t forgotten how it feels to be a student... The teacher who kept asking gentle questions
A True & Delightful Short Story That Will Make You Rethink Your School's Branding
Branding Strategies
When talking to our clients about school branding, I sometimes feel a faint skepticism in the air. The unspoken reaction is this, "we are not THAT unique... How can a [small parochial, typical
Connecting 1 Million Students by Next Year, with Erick Roa
Social-emotional learning is a hot topic. Today, Erick Roa shares with us about his contribution at Empatico and The Kind Foundation.
Authentic School Brands, with John LaPerch
John LaPerch is a funny guy with an in-depth knowledge of marketing. He is Director of Online Marketing & Social Media Content Creator.
This is Why Facebook Will Be the Best Teacher Recruitment Platform of 2020
Branding Strategies
Facebook is the largest user platform out there. Many, however, still doubt its potential as a teacher recruiting tool in terms of both quantity and quality of candidates. But increasingly we're getting inquiries